Privacy Policy
This privacy statement applies to all the websites of Quaysys.

Most of the content on our websites does not require you to authenticate and you can view it without telling us who you are.

We do not collect your personal data without letting you know. But we do maintain a collection of the internect IP addresses of our visitors. We use this collection to maintain our servers and diagnose any website problems. This data does not tell us who the user was. That means every user is treated as anonymous.

However, there are certains parts of our websites which require users to login. When you login to our website you need to provide the username and password that you chose while signing up. We do keep the list of all the users who have signed up with our network of sites. This information is use to authenticate and personalize the content that individual users are interested in. We never share any kind of information that you provide to us without your permission.

We may use the information provided to us in a non-identifiable format. If used this will be purely for analysis only. In any case your identity will be kept anonymous.