Online Streaming
Online streaming has generate a lot interest in the next generation of services. A very considerable part of the network bandwidth is being used by the streaming applicatins only. With the advancement of technology and availability of broadband connectivity in the developing nations, streaming is reaching to more and more user base. Today the online IPTV, Video Streaming, Web-Conferencing, Live internet broadcasting are very much in-demand. Allthough these services are becoming more affordable to the end user, when done professionally, it still requires a considerable amount of investment on the hardware and software.

All though Quaysys does not provide direct streaming services to the end users. But we do provide the infrastructure (required software/hardware) to the third parties. Our state of the art equipment coupled with our online support is very easy to use and at the same time very cost effective.

Following are some of the services that Quaysys software (chandigarh) provide for online streaming:

Hardware devices:
The devices we use are plug and play devices that could be used by even novice users.

Software programs:
The software we user are reliable and support viewing the picture at multiple platforms.

Media Servers hosting:
The media server packages are customized according to your needs. So, if you need a server for only a single day event, we won't charge you for a full month! So, you pay as you go.

Online Support:
If you get stuck in any of the technical glitch, our support staff is always availabel to help you.