Products From Quaysys Labs
Code Abstraction:
Many a times we had to deal with a situation where we were required to abstract the code from the external teams working on the same project. We developed a solution which works on the domain credentials of a developer. An external team's developer will only see the code if his name is included in the trusted list. Otherwise he can compile the code, but will be shown the encrypted version.

PHP Web Controls:
This simple and innovative solution, gave the power of using complex web controls while working in PHP, simplify the development of PHP applications.

QT Framework for .Net
This framework (Quaysys Trasaction Framework) is build on top of the .Net framework. It manages the connnections, transactions upon multiple web/windows forms or Ajax calls. Dealing with database in .Net framework is a breeze with QT Framework.

QST (Quaysys Self Test) is a web application testing framework. As the name suggests, this framework has the capabilities to self test the applications. We just need to include certain attributes to our code while developing and it will automatically generate and excute the test scripts!!!